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Who we are.

The Giving Sprocket is a demo nonprofit that exists to help fellow mission-driven organizations make a greater impact with the assistance of technology. We are motivated by the idea that organizations like yours are the most influential change agents for the urgent causes of our time. Individual voices alone matter, but together, they can be deafening.

The problem is most nonprofits are held back by antiquated technology, outdated digital marketing strategies, lack of funding, and disparate systems that don’t speak to one another. Sound familiar?

That’s why we exist - to help your mission make a bigger impact through software implementations, integrations, and digital transformations.

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Our Work in Action

Amplifying the Voice of Trees Forever

What we did:

  • Technology assessment
  • HubSpot Marketing Hub, Sales Hub & CMS Hub implementation
  • Marketing workflows configuration

Our results:

  • 68% increase in annual revenue
  • 1,500 monthly donors recruited
  • 10% increase in conversion rate

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